The Geneus Biotech venture started in 2017 with the idea of using the founder’s IP on growing human hair follicles on other related areas such as precious fur and luxury wool. Developing the science and technology behind the products has been a challenging journey. However, when the company in 2022 received a 4 million EUR grant from the EU Commission, it was an important validation of the scientific results and a tremendous boost for the project. Moving forward the science team will be strongly increased to support the R&D projects and the task of upscaling to commercial production.
On the business side, a small, dedicated team will focus on potential clients and attracting new investors to the company.

Maria Zakurnaeva – our founder and president

Maria Zakurnaeva is the founder of Geneus Biotech and acted as an inspirational force behind the disruptive technology that led to Furoid® and the Liquid Series of keratin-based materials. She has a background from the fashion industry, and she fills the very important role of being the visionary of the company.

”Our mission is to transform the luxury wool and fur sector by delivering innovative and desirable products. It is our ambition to combine the valuable culture of craftsmanship withcutting-edge technology. We build our business by selecting the best from the past and pointing it towards the future, making it relevant and beautiful again.”

The team

Dr. Sundar Pattabiraman

Chief Executive Officer - Chief Scientific Officer
PhD (Biology). CEO/CSO Geneus Biotech, co - inventor HAIROID, Furoid®

Professor Dr. Nick Lin-Hi

Head of the Scientific Advisory Board
Professor of Business and Ethics

Maria Nikolaenko

Chief Operating Officer
Former Director in High Luxury Industry

Dr. Swetha Vasudevan

Leading Group Scientist
PhD (biology). Furoid®

Dr. Akshaya Giridharan

MD (Pathology) expert in drug synthesis

Joana Martinho

Msc (Micro&Nanotechnology), Former Research Student at Imperial College London

The Lab

The Geneus Biotechlab is situated at Medace in Maastricht, where innovative companies and researchers can perform development and manufacturing of their products in state-of-the-art facilities. Medace offers start-ups, companies, scientists and researchers everything they need–R&D and cell culture labs, GMP and ISO cleanrooms, flex office space and on-site support.
This means that Geneus Biotech has the best possible conditions for effectively developing the stem cell technology and the keratin-based product line.


Almost every organization has a board of directors, but not every organization has a scientific and ethics advisory board. The members of the board have no voting rights and cannot make financial decisions on the behalf of the organisation, but they have the important task of steering Geneus Biotech to success.
Based on their insight and experience, the board will monitor the activities, discuss the strategic direction and provide helpful perspectives and solid ideas.