Imagine a brighter future

Geneus Biotech is committed to reducing intensive animal farming, waste and pollution through a unique patented stem cell-based technology. We offer a new approach to the sourcing and use of animal fibres by cultivating cell-based materials removing the need for high intensity farming. We also offer keratin-based solutions designed to upcycle waste and left-over materials present in the supply chain.
Our goal is to establishing a solid market position by utilising our technologies to disrupt and shape the future of apparel and textile production. We guide and support the industry down a path that leads to a compassionate attitude, reduced carbon footprint and zero waste.

Furoid<sup>®</sup> — Recreating animal fibres


Recreating animal fibres

Geneus Biotech has developed a unique patented stem cell-based technology that makes it possible to cultivate real fur in a lab or clean room setting. As a tremendous validation of our technology, the consortium behind the project has received a 4 million EUR grant from the EU Commission, which makes it possible to develop the technology even further leading to a proof of concept and commercial launch in 2024.
By applying stem cell technology and bio-printing to the equation, the downside of animal production can be removed. Amazingly, the Furoid® material is identical with real fur on a molecular level, and it has many new positive properties such as hypo-allergic and no need for chemical dressing or dyeing. Furthermore, the beauty of natural fibres can be preserved, and performance even improved.
Our disruptive science is key to acting with responsibility, respect and creativity in the future reaching consumers beyond the traditional fur markets.

Wooloid™ — Expanding the scope


Expanding the scope

Although traditional fur production was the natural place to start our project concerning stem cell-based products, the Geneus Biotech technology can be applied to any kind of fur or wool. This will open the door to rethinking the way animal fibres in general can be sourced and utilised. It is a fact that animal fibres are important in the supply chain and must be treated with a high degree of value and respect leading to robust and health life cycles. This goes for the way fibres are produced, sourced and used in production.
The potential scope of the Geneus Biotech stem cell technology also poses ethical questions in terms of which type of animal fibres can be included in the production. Geneus Biotech have made the fundamental decision to reach out to external advisors that will join our advisory board to guide us through these important issues.

Hairoid™ — Medical and cosmetic treatment


Medical and cosmetic treatment

Geneus Biotech developed Hairoid™ to generate iPSC generated human hair follicles for medical and cosmetic treatments based on the company’s IP. The initiative represents a unique approach, which created the basis for the EU grant and the development of other products within the area of luxury wool and fur. Geneus Biotech is presently developing the Hairoid™ project even further, engaging leading companies in the industry and exploring different business models.

Liquid Series™ — Waste no more

Liquid Series™

Waste no more

Geneus Biotech has also developed a new keratin-based technology that makes it possible to create new virgin materials from animal fibre waste and left-over materials in the value chain. It can be fibres from the original farms at the beginning of the chain, but also any excess materials from spinning, weaving, garment manufacturing and unsold stock. All in all, creating an opportunity to maximise the efficiency of the production and leading to a reduced carbon footprint and zero waste.

The unique Geneus Biotech technology means extracting the Keratin from the waste and left-over materials and combining the Keratin powder with a biopolymer making it possible to spin a new yarn, fibre sheets and even a feather/down replacement. The Liquid Series™ technology will reach a proof of concept and commercial launch in 2023. Geneus Biotech believes in the fundamental responsibility of treating all animal fibres with respect to the animals and the environment. And it makes sense to launch our Keratin-based technology in the luxury wool area under the brand name LiquidWool™